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Curly Girl: The Handbook #2

I started this two days ago, and WOW. All I have to say at the moment is wow.

This is a book, yeah. It’s also something like a huge community. In the last day or two I joined more than one Facebook group dedicated to this book and it’s methods. The wealth of knowledge and support being shared is amazing.

Apparently the author has a brand name “DevaCurl” and there are products and services that are DevaCurl approved, which is pretty handy.

The Magical Internet

By going online, I’ve found a flood of information, tools, resources, infographics, before and after photos, and more. And it’s great, because I feel very little of that “what the hell am I doing?” feeling that comes with embarking on new adventures sometimes.

I found out what my curl “type” is, based on it’s moisture/dryness, porosity, protein needs. I found lists of super cheap great products, and tons of resources in these groups.

This test told me that my hair is High Porosity
This one told me that I need both Protein and Moisture
This chart told me that my Hair Type is 3a curly

I’ve started protecting my hair when I sleep by wearing a silky cap. This has been great. Also misting and squishing my hair into optimum shape at the start of the day. I ditched shampoo, and I’m also looking far a Curl Mentor, as suggested in the book. It turns out that Curl Mentors are not so easy to find. Which is weird, because other people doing this method are SOOO easy to find. I personally know a few, and social media is totally overflowing with ways to meet CGM (Curly Girl Method) devotees.

They say that it can take 6 months for your hair to get it’s groove. So I’m planning on probably tracking this journey for about that long. We’ll see how my enthusiasm (and hair) holds up.

Online Curly Girl Hair Method Resources

Here’s how to figure out your curl type:

You can check if the products you use are Curly Girl Method approved here:

You can find a salon that specializes in curly hair here:

See all the entries for this book:

curly girl method before pictures
This is my hair today, just a few days after reading the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorainne Massey and Michele Bender, 2011 updated edition

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