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Curly Girl: The Handbook #3

As I embark on this hair-swirling adventure, I’m following the actual CG Handbook, but I’m also learning a lot about it from online resources. I’m realizing that for some people, it actually takes a couple years to master Optimum Curlosity! But that’s okay, because I have nothing but time in life, and it’s clear that the method is built on making your hair healthier and healthier as you go.

In the online community (mainly the Facebook groups, but there is also a reddit and other resources) I’m finding answers to my questions. One thing this method prescribes is products free from some specific nasty ingredients. But knowing whether those are in your hair products can take some work!

The Curly Girl Method bans silicons, waxes, drying alcohols and other things that damage your hair. So it turns out everything I owned for hair care is out. Hopefully I can just quietly leave them in my sister’s shower. 🙂

I used to find out that nothing I owned passed the test. Everything had forbidden ingredients, so I chucked them all and bought curly girl method approved products online.

I ordered a conditioner: Curly Girl, Curl Definition Sulfate & Paraben Free Conditioner Citrus a leave-in conditioner: MopTop Leave-in Conditioner and a gel: DevaCurl Light Defining Styling Hair Gel plus a microfiber towel Curly Hair Towel, Large Microfiber 22″ x 39″. Most Curly Girl devotees don’t use any type of shampoo, and some use no-suds gentle ones. I’m starting without to see how it goes.

Differences Between The Book and The Communities

I noticed that the online communities have 2 customs the book didn’t give them. The “denman brush” and the “final wash”

The Denman Brush

The Curly Girl method switches you over to using your hands to detangle and style your hair. The book is clear that brushed are more damaging than they are helpful. But I noticed that in the online communities the denman brush is in wide use, regarded as an exception to the rule. Since I’m following the book, not the followers of the book, I won’t be getting a denman brush.

The “Final Wash”

Many members of the online groups have decided that instead of allowing the build-up of silicons, waxes, and drying alcohols in their hair slowly leave their hair, they’ll do a “final wash” which is using a really stripping harsh shampoo to try to get it all out, then do a deep conditioning and start with curly girl method approved products.

The book does not suggest anyone do this. I’m also at an advantage because my hair is short, and I really only used a few products. So, to keep in the spirit of the book I’m skipping the final wash too.

I’ve picked out a haircut I hope to grow into, and I’ve given up hope on my hair looking great for a while, as I learn the ropes. Luckily my hair has never looked great, so no loss. 🙂

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