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Curly Girl: The Handbook #4

It appears my first post was March 10, and it’s now March 25. I haven’t paid extraordinary attention to my hair, but I have only used approved products and methods to care for my hair. That’s really the whole show, right?

I think my hair looks much better than before. I’m not impressed yet with my “curls” which are mostly just waves now. I know my hair is naturally curly, and I’ve had it hold big ringlets naturally as an adult. The truth is that the last time my curls were healthy and reliable, I was doing a lot of the “Curly Girl” methods, but I knew nothing about the products or the book.

A Little Guidance Was in Order

You may recall that the Curly Girl Handbook say to get yourself a Curl Mentor. I’m certainly on-board with all types of mentors, and love that sort of relationship. So…

I’m excited to announce that I’ve successfully found a Curly Girl mentor! It turns out a number of people I know in the real fleshy world either use this method now or have before, so I was lucky enough to find someone I actually know to be my mentor.

Because of Yelda (my mentor), the online community’s support, and my CG approved products and methods, I expect to mostly go on auto-pilot now. Now I’m gonna let a few months pass and check in again to let y’all know how I’m doing.

I’m full of curly optimism.

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