What is This Project?

You may be wondering “why is this person writing about following self-help books?”. With hundreds of thousands of readers, why don’t instructional books revolutionize the world? Maybe no one did what they prescribed. It’s kind of a following directions project.

In my life, which has lasted approximately 40 years so far, I’ve noticed that following the advice of fools is bullshit. And getting the expert advice of people who know things and then NOT following it is also pure trash.

So what I like to do is seek out sources of useful information, and then learn from them. Not just listening to them and dismissing their ideas because I think that I somehow know best. But following the books advice. Like, really following it, and seeing what happens.

Why am I following books?

It’s a crazy idea, I know. But it’s been working really well for me. All the authors or teachers I try may not turn out to be geniuses, but we can’t really evaluate how effective advice is without trying it.

In life-or-death situations, I would insist on actual expertise over Joe Blow’s good idea, but this isn’t that high stakes. And I think it’s enriching and educational. If we don’t learn anything useful, at least you can probably laugh at me sometimes.